PVC mast construction

To get the 10m Moxon up in the air, I decided I was going to build a mast. My primary criteria for a mast was being able to lower it easily in case stormy weather rolled through. For now I’m not all that concerned about it being a permanent type installation yet. That will probably come later.

With that in mind, I decided to build the mast using PVC pipe. Off to Lowe’s I went to pick up a couple of 3″ by 10′ sections of PVC, a 1″ by 5′ section that the antenna will mount to, a coupler to join the 3″ sections with and caps for the ends of the pipes.

PVC pipes
PVC pipes

My original thought was to put the 1″ pipe on top with a reducing coupler, but I couldn’t find any 3″ to 1″ reducers in my earlier scouting trips. After looking around the garage to see what parts I had on hand, I decided to use some 4.5″ bolts and wing nuts to secure the 1″ pipe to the 3″ pipe.

1″ PVC bolted to 3″ PVC

Drilled three holes, but then discovered the lowest hole was too far down the pipe for me to reach. Fortunately it seems secure enough with just the two bolts.

With this I’ll be able to get the Moxon up between 20-23′ up in the air, and maybe even have enough room for another antenna on there too. Getting the whole thing vertical proved to be more challenging than I expected. I think I’m going to need a ladder to get it vertical.

10m Moxon on the mast
10m Moxon on the mast

It definitely needs guy lines so getting those positioned will be the next step. For now everything is back in the garage waiting for my next free afternoon.

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