So long and thanks for the Etherkit

In a bit of sad news, Jason/NT7S has announced that he’s leaving the radio kitting business and putting Etherkit on extended hiatus.

I thoroughly enjoyed putting together the Etherkit kits I purchased, especially the beta version of his CC1. It was my first big kit project, and one of the first using SMT components. It was an educational experience from both the assembly and learning about the different sections that go into a radio. Assembling the CRX1 and OpenBeacon were both equally enjoyable and educational.

Jason’s reduced the price on his very excellent CRX1 kit to liquidate his inventory. If you’re looking for a nice little CW receiver to play with and want to exercise your soldering skills with SMT components, pick one up.

I’m sad to see Etherkit go dark, but I’m sure running a kitting business is a lot of work and time. Hopefully some time in the future he’ll be able to bring it back.