Messing with the sound card interface.

Still don’t know if any of my signals are making it out of the radio.

Using headphones, I can hear the sounds fldigi generates in response to the text I “transmit”, so I know there’s stuff coming out of the laptop. The radio goes into transmit mode, but there’s no activity on any of the meters so I can’t tell if anything is actually being transmitted.

Matthew/W2MDW suggested using to see if I get spotted. After sending out a bunch of CQs, test messages and trying to respond to someone’s PSK31 signal, it didn’t appear that any of the listening stations heard my signal as far as I could see.

The data port pinout for the TS-480 has pin 2 as the audio signal ground, which is unconnected in the PS2 cable I’m using. I wonder if that could be messing up the audio that’s going into the radio.

Update: I can see there’s about 70 mVAC of signal going out of the interface into the radio, so at least there’s something getting to the radio. Not sure how much needs to be going into the data port to make the radio send stuff.