A 1931 ARRL Handbook

The newest addition to my ARRL Handbook collection is one from 1931, the 8th edition of the ARRL Radio Amateur’s Handbook.

8th edition of the ARRL Radio Amaateur's Handbook from 1931
8th edition of the ARRL Radio Amateur’s Handbook from 1931

It’s not in the greatest condition but for a 90 year old book, the condition isn’t too bad considering books like these were meant to be read and re-read. The binding has deteriorated and there are a number of loose pages. I wonder what it would take to preserve the binding or rebind the book.

Compared to recent handbooks and even those from the 1940s and later, this early handbook is quite thin at less than 220 pages.

Table of contents from the 1931 ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook
Table of contents

I haven’t had a chance to look through much of this book yet, but when I do I’ll have to be careful so that I don’t make any more pages fall out.

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