A 1927 ARRL Handbook

A second printing of the 1927 ARRL Radio Amateur’s Handbook (Second Edition) purchased on eBay rounds out my ARRL Handbook collection.

For a 94 year old book, it’s in remarkably good condition and doesn’t show a whole lot of wear.

The name “John R. Lacy” (or perhaps “John R. Locy”) is written in pencil across the top of the title page inside the front cover. There’s also another name written in pencil on the front cover that’s fainter and difficult to make out.

Another name written on the front cover
Another name written on the front cover

Looks like “Cecil W______”. The rest of the last name is tough to make out. Wonder if this was another person who owned the book.

Other than these two names, I haven’t seen any other writings, notes, or other markings inside the Handbook.

I’m quite happy with this addition to my Handbook collection and now I consider my collection complete. I have at least one handbook from each decade it was published, except for the 2020s. Unless someone has a 2020 – 2022 handbook they give me, the next one I’ll get will be the 2023 ARRL Handbook, which will be the 100th edition. I think the only other Handbook I’d actively look for would be the 1970 Handbook, the year I was born. I won’t seek one out on eBay or anything like this one or the last one, but if I happen to come across one at a hamfest or something for a decent price, I’d probably pick it up.