6m dipole testing

Tested out the 6m dipole with a nice QSO with W4QYV (who happened to be pretty close by) up at 52.525 MHz (FM) and it worked out pretty well except for towards the end when I mysteriously stopped receiving/transmitting anything. The noise was still there, but apparently W4QYV wasn’t hearing me. Very weird.

I was also checking out the JT-65 activity at 50.276 and noticed that the signals there look a lot stronger with the ZS6BKW antenna than they do with the 6m dipole. The ZS6BKW is a good deal higher though and doesn’t have a bunch of houses in the way.

At any rate, I know that it can reach out at least a mile from the house. I was getting a bit concerned after tuning around the band and hearing nothing but noise. Now to decide if I want to leave it up at the house permanently or keep it handy to go portable with. Then again, I have enough wire around, so I could always make another one.