Logger project

Progress on my radiology equipment tracker has been coming along pretty nicely. After adding a bunch of new much wanted features, development on it has slowed down a bit while I figure out what else I want to add, and learn more to fix/refine what I’ve already done.

In the coding world, everybody says the best way to learn something is to work on projects that you’re interested in. In that spirit, I started working on a web based logging program using Laravel and PHP.

There are already lots of great logging programs out there, and maybe eventually this will become one. The primary purpose of this newest project though is to expand my Laravel/PHP/Javascript programming skills. Both PHP and Javascript have come a long way from the simple HTML add-ons they were when I first started doing web stuff, so in some ways it’s like starting over with new languages now. In the process, I’ll take the new knowledge I gain and carry it over into my equipment tracker.

The logger is still in the very early stages. I’m still working out the database schema, so there’s not really any working code yet.

For lack of creativity, I’m calling it AB4UGLogger for now. Feel free to following along, contribute, fork or make suggestions.