Went to the Charleston Hamfest today and spent a few hours wandering around checking out all the things. It’s a smaller event than the Atlanta Hamfest I went to in June, but I still enjoyed it. The variety of things to see wasn’t as big, but it was still fun seeing everything and meeting up with fellow hams.

I had big plans to acquire a bunch of antenna making supplies, like coax, wire, feedlines, connectors and other things, but after looking around a bit I decided I needed more of a shopping list to know what to get. Instead, I ended up with a cap with my call sign and name embroidered on it, and a table mounted magnifying lamp for the workshop. A couple of pretty good acquisitions, I think.

I’ll have to put a shopping list together for Hamcation next weekend.

Charleston Hamfest

The Charleston Hamfest is only a few weeks away on Feb 2. This will be the second hamfest that I’ve gone to so I’m looking forward to seeing what will be there. The first hamfest was the Atlanta Hamfest back in June (which is also where I passed the ham radio license tests) and was a lot of fun. A pretty decent attendance and a lot of neat looking gear. I wonder what this one will have.