WA4USN QSL cards

One of the club‘s older members was clearing out some old stuff and offered up a stack of WA4USN QSL cards to anybody who wanted them, so I grabbed a couple of them.

Years ago he had been given a stack of postcards and information cards by the USS Yorktown Association, so he turned them into QSL cards.

One card features a drawing of the USS Yorktown from before it was modified to enclose the bow portion of the ship. The reverse side lists some interesting statistics about the Yorktown during WW II.

The other card (formerly a USS Yorktown Association “Pay your dues” reminder postcard) has a Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat on the flight deck of the Yorktown, in front of the island.

While they aren’t old cards, I think they are a nice use of some cards that probably would have ended up in the dumpster.

More cards from the buro

Received my second batch of QSL cards via the buro today. 6 cards total from Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, Mexico, Germany and Brazil. Most were from contacts from about a year ago, but a couple of them were for 2013 QSOs.

Always exciting to receive QSL cards in the mail 🙂

Cards from the buro

Got my first QSL cards from the incoming QSL card bureau!

I had received an email from the SPARC QSL Bureau a few months ago saying I had a bunch of cards waiting for me, and to send a SASE if I wanted to receive them. Sent off an envelope with postage attached, and today they arrived in the mail! So cool!

Cards from the buro!
Cards from the buro!

Now I have 17 cards to respond to. I’ll have to figure out how to use the QSL bureaus first.

QSL card v0.2/v0.3

Rearranged the elements and made it a one-sided card with address information going on the other side.

QSL card v0.2
QSL card v0.2

Version 0.3 adds some captions to the two radiographs. I think I like this better.

QSL card v0.3
QSL card v0.3