More VE credentials

I have VE credentials with the Laurel VEC now!

At this year’s Southeast Linuxfest, the amateur radio licensing tests were conducted through the Laurel VEC group. They’re noted for giving free testing sessions, and they also submit the paperwork online, so people who pass can get their new call sign or upgrades as soon as the next day.

Since I already have my ARRL VE credentials, getting the Laurel VE credentials was pretty easy. The team leader verified that I was an ARRL VE, I filled out a form, and done.

Don’t know if there are any other Laurel VEs around me, but their team directory doesn’t show any VE teams in SC. At SELF, I was working with the Star City team under Wally, WD1U. His procedures were all pretty easy to follow and seemed pretty logical. I enjoyed working with Wally and the other team members. Hopefully I’ll get to work with him again at SELF next year.