Charleston area school radio clubs

There are two school radio clubs in the Charleston area that aim to encourage kids to get involved in amateur radio: Dubose Middle School (K4DMS) in Summerville and Palmetto Scholars Academy (K4PSA) in North Charleston. I know K4DMS has connections with CARS, and I think K4PSA might have connections with TARC.

I haven’t worked with either club, but I do hear bits and pieces of some of the activities they participate in, and I occasionally hear them active on the radio. I’ve heard about the clubs doing high altitude balloon launches and operating during the ARRL School Club Roundups.

It’s pretty cool that there are schools with radio clubs around here.

One thought on “Charleston area school radio clubs”

  1. Yep, TARC is K4PSA’s “sponsor.”

    K4PSA has two students licensed so far, one an 11-year-old.

    We’re doing 2m repeater contacts until we can get some antennas on the roof of the new building. We scouted out some cable runs, and have a good collection of radios. I’m hoping we get them running for the Fall SCR.

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