Review: Radio Science for the Radio Amateur

Radio Science for the Radio Amateur is one of the more recent ARRL publications that I added to the bookshelf.

At a couple hundred pages or so (it follows the ARRL’s annoying chapter-page numbering rather than using regular page numbers), the book is pretty light reading and should be pretty easy to get through in one or two reading sessions.

The concept behind the book has a lot of potential, but this attempt doesn’t go deep enough into anything to be all that useful. I’m left with the feeling of “Oh, that’s pretty neat” but then end up grasping at air because of the lack of substance.

One significant flaw in the book is the lack of references and other resources that readers can go to for more information. For example, the circuit simulation chapter mentions SPICE and tells you it can be used to simulate circuits, but that’s it. You’re left to go find additional information on your own. A list of resources (books, websites, etc) at the end of each chapter would be immensely useful for such an introductory level book.

2 stars out of 5.

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