Ensemble RXTX build – Power

It’s taken me a few years to get to, but I finally started working on the Softrock Ensemble RXTX kit I picked up a few years ago.

This is a much larger board than the Softrock Lite II I put together a while ago. A larger board, and a lot more parts (especially toroids).

Started off with the power sections yesterday, which was pretty easy to do. All through hole stuff. The bank of filtering capacitors was a little bit of a challenge, mostly because the holes are pretty close together and it’s not hard to accidentally bridge the contacts.

Haven’t powered it up to test yet because the power jack is a 2.5mm center pin, which none of my wall warts will fit. I’m planning on wiring up the included plug with powerpole connectors on the end. That will let me use the Astron power supply on the bench.

Here’s the current progress. USB power section is next.

Ensemble RXTX power section
Ensemble RXTX power section

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