DIY Festival and Amateur radio

The Amateur radio presentation I gave at the Charleston Library’s DIY Festival on Saturday went pretty well. Had about 10 people sit in on the presentation where I talked a little bit about what amateur radio is, what can be done with it, the licensing tests and then some construction techniques. To augment my presentation and emphasize the DIY aspect of ham radio, I brought in some of the projects I worked on including some of the Etherkit radios, my Arduino work station and some of the other circuits I soldered up.

There were a couple of people who were very interested, and asked a lot of questions, which was good. Hopefully they continue on to get licensed.

The DIY Festival itself was a pretty neat event. Lots of crafty-type things for the kids and lots of tables with people showing off their craft. Nice to see the Makelab Charleston guys there showing off a few things. One table had a Makey-Makey set up with bananas and carrots, which I saw a lot of kids having fun playing with. Looked like there was a great turnout of people for the DIY Festival.