Shack project ideas

Putting together the new shack has given me a few project ideas to work on:

  • Large dual display clock
  • Radio head stand
  • Window pass-through for coax and wires

I have a couple ideas in mind for the clock, including something powered by one of my *duinos, and something widget-y that can run on my tablet. Needless to say, neither one will be coming quickly since I have a lot to learn about doing both.

The control head for the radio doesn’t really sit all that well by itself on the table. There’s supposed to be a “foot” for it, but it’s lost in a box somewhere. I’ve got a few ideas to craft one out of some scrap pieces of wood lying around the garage. Shouldn’t be too hard to put something together that will work in the shack. Might not be pretty, but it should do the job.

The coax feed out the window to the antenna is a little less than optimal. The coax is sandwiched between a couple pieces of foam pipe insulation, which works but doesn’t look that pretty. There are window feed through units like the MFJ-4601 that would look nice. I was thinking it would be a fun project to make my own version.

Off to the workbench!