Radio updates

What have I been doing in the amateur radio world lately?

Well, not a heck of a lot actually. I’ve even skipped a few of the big contests happening this fall.

Lately most of my spare time has been spent reading up on and learning about electronics and Arduino related things. I’ve spent a little bit of time playing at the workbench. Nothing terribly complex. Just soldering together simple circuits and practicing ugly construction techniques.

My reading list for the past few months:

I’m no expert yet, but I think I know a little more than I did a while ago.

In the next couple of weeks, the plan is to turn the guest bedroom into a ham shack/guest bedroom. First we’ll empty out the room, paint the walls and then move everything back in. I’ll have to get back into the crawl space to pull the coax out, but the antenna feed point will be closer to the radio which means a shorter coax run that won’t have to go under the house.

The guest room also stays a lot cooler than the office so playing radio during the summer will be a lot more comfortable.