NAQP 2014

Spent about 4 hours playing in the North America QSO Party yesterday. Was just doing some casual tuning around, working a few stations and listening to some of the pileups. Spent most of my time tuning around 20m and 40m. Wasn’t hearing much of anything up on 10m or 15m by the time I got on the radio.

While I was tuning around I also managed to find and work W1AW/5 (OK) on 20m and W100AW/4 in AL on 40m. That was the first W100AW station I had found.

My stats from last night, according to N1MM. Not a whole lot of contacts, but managed a a couple of good ones into OR and CA on 20m.

 Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec   Mt2
     7      15      15   11    0
    14       9      9    7    0
 Total      24      24   18    0
Score: 432

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