Achievement Unlocked: WAS/Phone

With W1AW/7 (Nevada) finally showing up in Logbook of the World, I’ve now unlocked the Worked All States(Phone) achievement!

WAS wasn’t something I was actively chasing until the ARRL Centennial QSO Party started up. While chasing the W1AW/n portable stations, I took a closer look at my WAS status and saw that I was getting pretty close, so I decided to start chasing states and working towards the WAS certificate.

These are the calls that helped me get to WAS/Phone (some of you people from Twitter are in here!).

State Call State Call
Alabama K5WP Alaska KL7KY
Arizona K9WZB Arkansas K5PO
California W6TK Colorado K0EU
Connecticut W1BXY Delaware W3MLK
Florida AJ4RW Georgia W4TBJ
Hawaii NH7A Idaho W1AW/7
Illinois K9CT Indiana W9PA
Iowa W0EA Kansas KS0MO
Kentucky NW4J Louisiana KG5VK
Maine K1IMI Maryland W3LL
Massachusetts WD1S Michigan KD8PZO
Minnesota KD0QEA Mississippi W1AW/5
Missouri WB0LCW Montana N9RV
Nebraska W1AW/0 Nevada W1AW/7
New Hampshire N1KWF New Jersey K2DBK
New Mexico WA5ZUP New York N2GA
North Carolina K4OV North Dakota KD4POJ
Ohio WU8R Oklahoma K5CM
Oregon NT7S Pennsylvania AA3B
Rhode Island W1XX South Carolina W4LVH
South Dakota K0VVX Tennessee K4EDI
Texas WR5O Utah K7CDX
Vermont KT1J Virginia W4ML
Washington K7RL West Virginia W8MLS
Wisconsin AA9A Wyoming KA7PNH

Now to start working on WAS/Digital. Only 9 states left for that one.

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