ARRL DX 2014

This weekend was the ARRL DX contest. Spent a couple afternoons playing on the radio and managed 103 contacts and 47 countries. 10m was doing so well I decided to stay there for the entire contest.

According to N1MM Logger, my stats looked like

 Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty
    28     103     309   47
Score: 14,523

Managed to work a couple of stations in Hawaii and Alaska, something I don’t hear too often here with the antenna. Also heard a station in Guam (KH2L), but he was pretty faint and had quite the pileup going that I wasn’t able to break into.

Highlights included:

  • Working a couple of stations in HI and AK
  • Hearing Guam (KH2L)!
  • Hearing Japan (JA7)!

Decided to call it quits about an hour before the contest ended because i got tired of sitting, and was getting hungry. Log submitted as single op, low power, single band (10m) entry.

Need to get that 10m Moxon up in the air…