CC1 face plates

Update: After a couple of iterations with paper, some of the measurements were adjusted and the drawing updated. I’m pretty sure the measurements are accurate and will serve to help other CC1 builders create a drilling template for their build. As always, keep in mind the “measure twice, cut once” principle. YMMV. Links to my templates are at the end of the post. Feel free to use them as a starting point for your CC1 build.

In preparation for drilling out the holes in the face plates for the CC1 enclosure, I used my digital calipers to measure the distances to the center of each of the connectors that would need a hole.

First I started measuring while holding it in my hand, but I realized there’s a little bit of play when the board is in the enclosure and measurements would change depending on how I was holding it.

I decided to place CC1 and enclosure on the table and starting with the left-most connector (A), measure it’s position relative to the left and bottom edges of the enclosure. For the remaining connections, I just measured the offset from the first one since their positions are fixed. Seemed like the most accurate way of doing things.

In Dia, I made this drawing up

CC1 face plate template
CC1 face plate template

The face plates are 74mm x 29mm. The top one is the back plate with the largest hole corresponding to the BNC jack. The bottom one is for the front plate. The Dia version should be to scale, but when I printed it, it was just a tiny bit short along the x-axis. Apparently printer scaling and computer scaling is a tiny bit different. It should still be pretty close to use as a template though. Will try cutting it the paper version to see how well it fits before I start drilling.

These are the measurements I came up with

Front plate.

Measurement for A is relative to the left and bottom edge. Measurements for B-G are relative to A.

HoleX (mm)Y (mm)(X, Y)
A12.515.5(12.5, 15.5)
B+12+3(24.5, 18.5)
C+22-2.5(34.5, 13)
D+31-2.5(43.5, 13)
E+38-3.5(50.5, 12)
F+38+0.5(50.5, 16)
G+48.5+3(60.5, 18.5)

Back plate.

Measurement for A is relative to the left and bottom edge. Measurements for B and C are relative to A.

HoleX (mm)Y (mm)(X, Y)
A1815.5(18, 15.5)
B+22.50(40.5, 15.5)
C+37+2(55, 17.5)

Template files. Download these to use as a starting point for your build.

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