Ham radio goal list progress

Let’s see what I’ve managed to get done on my ham radio goal list from January

  • Get the shack up and running

Shack is up!

One of them is built, still need to get around to building the RXTX kit.

OpenBeacon is reprogrammed and works. It’s just not on the air full time.

I need to put in an order for one to build.

  • Earn skill levels in CW

Progress is slow. I need to devote more time to this.

  • Build Moxon antennas for 6 and 10m
  • Experiment with making antennas

Antenna building has kind of taken a back seat to building up the workbench, improving my soldering skills and assembling things.

  • Try some digital modes

Got to play a little more digital during the ARRL RTTY Rookie Roundup over the summer. Waiting on some new transformers to finish off the sound card interface.