Hamfest bound

Road tripping out to Atlanta for the Atlanta Hamfest this weekend. It was at Atlanta Hamfest last year that I first got my amateur radio license, so that means it’s been just about one year that I’ve been a license amateur radio guy.

This year I’ll get to help out as a VE at the testing session held at the hamfest. My first time as a VE!

The list of forums looks pretty interesting this year. I think I want to go check out the Linux in the Shack and the QRP forums.

This time I’ll know a little more about what I’m looking at and looking for at the hamfest. At the top of the list will be things for the workbench: coax cables, various adapters and connectors, maybe a key or paddle, and some antenna making supplies.

Looking forward to the hamfest this weekend. I wonder who won’t win the door prize (a Kenwood TS-590S)