CC1 deaf and whiny

CC1 seems to work, but all is not well I think. Attached a 50 Ω BNC terminator and applied power, but I was hearing this whining noise that I didn’t remember hearing before. Apparently it’s normal and is a result of clock in the DDS part of the radio. It’s supposed to be fixed by a firmware update, but applying it didn’t help with my radio. Since there are 4 other CC1s completed that don’t seem to be doing this, it’s probably something wrong with mine. Not sure what the problem is yet. I think I might have to find someone with a working oscilloscope to do some probing around with. Whiny.

Finally found a BNC/SO-239 adapter at Hurricane Electronics/Radio Shack up in Summerville. Used it to connect CC1 to the antenna and was hoping to hear something, but if there was anything, I couldn’t hear it over the whining noise. Tried tuning around to some frequencies where I could hear CW activity on the big radio, but wasn’t able to hear anything when I tuned to the same frequency on CC1. Deaf, or at least hard of hearing.

Was hoping I’d be able to get CC1 operational, but it looks like it needs some troubleshooting. In the meantime, there are a couple of hardware modifications that need to be made to T1 and L5, which I’ll try to get to soon.