CC1 Microcontroller/DDS Part 1

While I’m waiting for Jason to send me a new U6 transistor, I decided to forge on ahead with the build. Lots of small SMT caps and resistors to put on, but using the ‘tack and solder’ method, it’s been going pretty smoothly.

Then I got to the part where U4 (50 MHz oscillator) is installed. After reading Dave’s (AA7EE) note about solder bridging the pad and cap of U4, I was trying to avoid doing the same thing and in the process ended up bridging the pad and cap anyway. Argh.

After some application of solder wick followed by wailing and gnashing of teeth, there was one pad that still seemed to be bridged that I couldn’t fix.

Dave helpfully pointed out that one of the pads Is GND, which just happened to be the pad I thought I was having an issue with. So with any luck, U4 hasn’t been cooked by me trying to wick away solder that wasn’t causing a problem anyway (just in case, Jason is also sending another U4) and I can continue on.

Next step is to install U5 (DDS chip) with teeny tiny leads.