Charleston Hamfest 2017 haul

Managed to get to the hamfest for a little bit today, but because of a pinched sciatic nerve, I was only able to stay for less than an hour before giving in to the pain.

Early morning hamfest crowd
Early morning hamfest crowd
Early morning hamfest crowd
Early morning hamfest crowd

There was a decent crowd when I got there around 8ish. A few empty tables, but the ones that were there had lots to offer. Didn’t get to make it out back to see if there were any tailgaters though.

I did manage to find a couple of books to add to the library. If I was able to stay longer, I probably would have left with a lot more stuff.

One person at the hamfest had a bunch of books he was selling including this ARRL Antenna Modeling Course book.

ARRL Antenna Modeling Course
ARRL Antenna Modeling Course

He also had an old copy of Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur that I picked up.

Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur
Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur

The SSB book was one I heard mentioned on an episode of the Soldersmoke podcast. It seemed like a good one to look for to add to the bookshelf. Nice coincidence to find one at the hamfest.

Disappointed that I couldn’t stay longer, but glad I made it even if it was just for a little bit.

I’m in QST again!

I made it into another issue of QST! In the Dec 2016 issue among the 2016 Field Day results there’s a picture of me taken by Tom/AJ4UQ of me operating at the WA4USN digital station.

WA4USN 2016 Field Day
Me operating as WA4USN for 2016 Field Day

It’s small and pretty indistinct, but yep, that’s me.

Ham radio cake day #4

Today is my fourth year of being a licensed amateur radio guy. It’s been a lot of fun so far even though I haven’t been on the radio a whole lot recently.

Now going into my fifth year, we’re about to move into a new house with a few additions geared toward amateur radio. Looking forward to being able to get back on the air, and hopefully spend some more time playing radio. I have a lot of radio and electronics related projects to work on. It will take some time to get the shack and workbench set up and organized, but it will be nice to have a space to work in again.

The only thing missing is a convenient way to get an antenna a good height into the air. The trees next to the old house were a great place to hide an antenna in, but no such features at the new house. I’ll have to work on something else to get the antenna(s) up in the air.

New look, new platform

Following in the footsteps of my regular blog to WordPress, I’ve done the same with this one.

Rather than just starting fresh, I also migrated the posts (but not the comments…too difficult) from the previous incarnation to this one so that everything is all in the same place.

Not sure if everything still works yet, but I’ll probably find out eventually

2015 ARRL Auction

It’s preview time for the 2015 ARRL Auction. Quite a few items up for auction this year, especially in the Vintage books section. As usual, there are copies of ARRL Handbooks from decades past. There are also a lot of books from the 1910/1920 period, which is different from previous auctions I’ve seen. I’m pretty intrigued by those items.

Also interesting this year are 5 mystery boxes filled with goodies from the ARRL Lab.

So what’s in the box? We don’t know–exactly (more about that below). But Lab Engineers do because they personally put these boxes together and they’ve promised extra surprises in honor of the ARRL On-Line Auction’s 10th anniversary.

Now keep in mind, what they see as treasures may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we did sneak a forbidden peek and think that, if you’re a winner, you’ll be happily surprised once this mystery is unwrapped.

It will be interesting to see what some of the auction items will go for this year. There are a few books that I’ll be bidding on, maybe some of the gear, and at least one of the mystery boxes.