RAC Winter Contest 2014

Spent a few hours at the radio this weekend playing in the RAC Winter contest. Finished out the contest with 26 contacts and 3000 points, including 3 RAC stations (VO1RAC, VA2RAC, and VE4RAC). Covered 3 bands (10, 20 and 40m) with most of my contacts happening on 20m.

I was using the new N1MM+ logger for the first time, and I have to say, it’s pretty good. As a contest logger, it’s hard to beat N1MM or N1MM+ for simplicity.

It was a pretty good time on the radio and I enjoyed hunting around the bands.

CQ WPX 2014 log check

Got the log check results from CQ WPX 2014 in my email today. Out of my 77 QSOs, 4 of them got busted (1 incorrect call, 3 incorrect exchanges) leaving me with 73 QSOs and a score of 13510. On the other side, 3 stations copied my exchange incorrectly. Not as good compared to last year’s CQ WPX. I’ll just have to keep at it to get better, right?

************************** Summary ***************************

      77 Claimed QSO before checking (does not include duplicates)
      73 Final   QSO after  checking reductions

     202 Claimed QSO points
     193 Final   QSO points

      73 Claimed mults
      70 Final   mults

   14746 Claimed score
   13510 Final   score
   -8.4% Score reduction

    5.2% Error Rate based on claimed and final qso counts
       0 (0.0%) duplicates (without penalty)
       1 (1.3%) calls copied incorrectly
       3 (3.9%) exchanges copied incorrectly
       0 (0.0%) not in log
       0 (0.0%) calls unique to this log only (not removed)

********************** Results By Band ***********************

            Band   QSO   QPts  Mult

   Claimed  160M     0      0      
   Final    160M     0      0      

   Claimed   80M     0      0      
   Final     80M     0      0      

   Claimed   40M     4      4      
   Final     40M     4      4      

   Claimed   20M     2      6      
   Final     20M     2      6      

   Claimed   15M     5     11      
   Final     15M     3      7      

   Claimed   10M    66    181      
   Final     10M    64    176      

  Claimed    All    77    202    73  Score    14746
  Final      All    73    193    70  Score    13510

*********************** Incorrect call ***********************

28625 PH 2014-03-30 1826 AB4UG           18 NY6Y          1623 correct     NY6N        

*************** Incorrect Exchange Information ***************

21447 PH 2014-03-29 1748 AB4UG            1 NE5D          0034 correct  934
28581 PH 2014-03-30 1920 AB4UG           48 9A73P         5718 correct 5708
21235 PH 2014-03-30 2118 AB4UG           70 US5D          3354 correct 2354

********************** Lost Multipliers **********************

21447 PH 2014-03-29 1748 AB4UG            1 NE5D          0034 correct 934        
28625 PH 2014-03-30 1826 AB4UG           18 NY6Y          1623 correct NY6N       
28581 PH 2014-03-30 1920 AB4UG           48 9A73P         5718 correct 5708       

************************ Multipliers *************************

     5E5     8P5     9A5     AD5     CT1
      D4     DA2     DQ8      E7     E77
     EA3     EC1     ED1     ED5     EI7
     EI9      F5      G5     HA1     HA6
     HG1     HG7     HK1      I0     IB9
     II2     II4     II9     IK2     IT9
     IY1     IZ5     J42     KB3     KP4
     LO5     LT7     LZ9      N9     NP2
     OA4     OL4     OT5     PJ2     PW5
     S50     S51     S52     S54     S55
     S57     SN2     SN8     US5     VA5
     VC6     VK4     VP2     WB2     WG3
     WP2     WP4     WX3     XE1     XE2
     YP0     YS1     YT0     YT5     YV4

********* Stations Copying Your Exchange Incorrectly**********

28647 PH 2014-03-29 1810 EC1DBO        1452 AB4UG         0009  should be 5 
28000 PH 2014-03-30 1844 US5D          2168 AB4UG          123  should be 23 
28340 PH 2014-03-30 2019 YS1YS          987 AB4UG         0051  should be 61

NAQP 2014

Spent about 4 hours playing in the North America QSO Party yesterday. Was just doing some casual tuning around, working a few stations and listening to some of the pileups. Spent most of my time tuning around 20m and 40m. Wasn’t hearing much of anything up on 10m or 15m by the time I got on the radio.

While I was tuning around I also managed to find and work W1AW/5 (OK) on 20m and W100AW/4 in AL on 40m. That was the first W100AW station I had found.

My stats from last night, according to N1MM. Not a whole lot of contacts, but managed a a couple of good ones into OR and CA on 20m.

 Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec   Mt2
     7      15      15   11    0
    14       9      9    7    0
 Total      24      24   18    0
Score: 432

SC QSO Party 2013 results

Saw that the SC QSO Party results for 2013 were posted a little while ago. A record year for logs submitted, QSOs made and counties activated (all but 2 SC counties were activated).

My 30 contacts and 360 points were good enough to get me 3rd place in the single-op low power category. Woohoo!

The 2014 SC QSO party happens during the weekend I’m back in Edmonton, so I’ll be missing it this year. Next time though.

Field Day 2014

Another Field Day has come and gone. I was able to get the laptops set up and networked just in time for the action to start.

This year, the 2PM start didn’t sound quite as chaotic or noisy as it did the last couple of years. I’m either getting used to listening through the noise, or it just wasn’t as busy this year, or both. I’ve seen other people mention that band conditions weren’t all that great.

I spent the first couple hours logging and keeping tabs on the network connection between the two laptops. Got in a bit of operating before the skies broke open and the torrential rain started. It was bad enough that we had to break down both stations and get them inside out of the rain.

Rain delay

Rain kept us off the air for a couple hours as more rain passed on through, but later in the evening the rain cleared out and we were able to set up one of the stations again.

A rainbow!

I headed back home around 8PM and got back to the ship the next day for the last couple hours of Field Day. Weather was much nicer, and band conditions seemed to be better. I got in an hour of operating and was able to make 10m and 15m contacts into the northeast and northwest.

Me playing radio

Looking at the counts in N1MM, we made somewhere between 600-800 contacts. Because of the wifi dropping out and having to break everything down for the rain, the logs on the two laptops got out of sync. Some operators also didn’t want to computer log, so there are some paper logs to add in as well. I think next year one of the things I’ll have to do is send out some instructions on how to do the logging, and make a cheat sheet available at each station.

Had lots of fun again this year, and looking forward to next year’s Field Day.