73 Magazine

eing new to amateur radio, I’m discovering all kinds of cool new-to-me things.

This past week I’ve seen a lot of people mention the death of Wayne Green/W2NSD, who I gathered was a pretty prominent personality in the ham radio world. Along with that were references to 73 Magazine, which he published for over 40 years. A post on the EMRFD Yahoo! group brought me to the complete collection of 73 Magazine on the Internet Archive.

73 Magazine (also known as 73 Amateur Radio Today) (OCLC 22239204) was a United States-based amateur radio magazine that was published from 1960 to 2003. It was known for its strong emphasis on technical articles and for the lengthy editorials in each issue by its founder and publisher, Wayne Green. The magazine title, 73, means “best regards” in amateur radio lingo. Green, a former editor of CQ Amateur Radio magazine, published the first issue of 73 in October 1960.

Naturally, being a sucker for the old and vintage, such a huge magazine archive is like finding treasure. A bit of searching brought me to a Perl script someone had written to suck the PDFs of all the issues out of IA, so I let it run to chew up some bandwidth.

Looking forward to browsing through the archive. Should be pretty cool to read through.

Straight key

Got in the mood to play with the camera a bit and the most interesting subject around was the J38 straight key.

I should really spend some time to clean it up some.

A good way to get volunteered

A good way to get volunteered to do something is to mention that something needs attention or doing. The radio club I’m a member of (CARS) is no exception.

At the last meeting, I mentioned that searching the ARRL website for clubs didn’t bring up CARS, or any of the CARS VE test sessions, to which the club president replied (paraphrasing here) “So does that mean you want to look into it?”

Sure, what the heck. I figure it will be a good chance to find out al little more about the club and get my feet wet with helping out with the club.


In preparation for archiving this blog to start fresh, I started up a new blog over at http://blog.ab4ug.net/ where I think I’ll post most of my electronics and amateur radio adventures.

It’s a vanilla MovableType 5.2 set up right now. Nothing fancy, but functional. The archives here at Imablog will stay and I’ll probably start over with a new MT5.2 install and database. Still mulling something Drupal-y though. Haven’t quite decided yet.

I’ll probably cross-post material at the AB4UG blog here also so that nobody feels left out.

New radio-ish blog

Since I’ve been thinking about restarting my other blog, I thought I’d start up a separate one for my radio/electronics adventures. ab4ug.net was available so I picked it up a little while ago and was trying to decide what to do with it. I’ll probably end up posting/cross-posting the radio/electronics stuff in both places anyway. Here it will be a little more consolidated. Thought about bringing over the previous entries from my main blog, but it turned out to be too much work so I’ll just start fresh here.

Let’s see what kind of fun I can have while avoiding electrocuting or burning myself.