Listening to 10m PSK

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As an experiment, I left fldigi running listening for PSK signals on 10m (28.120 MHz) for most of the day to see what could be heard. Fldigi can scan the passband and send the callsigns it finds to, where it gets displayed on a map. Between about 07:30 and 20:30 (EST) today, this is what fldigi spotted through the antenna and radio

AB4UG10mPSK20140120.jpgA total of 25 stations sending out PSK signals were spotted by fldigi. The European stations were picked up mostly during the day, with South American stations coming in later on in the afternoon and the smattering of stations out west late afternoon/early evening.

Not as much 10m PSK as I thought I'd see. I know there was more PSK activity throughout the day, but either the radio wasn't hearing them or fldigi wasn't spotting them. I think I'll try this a few more days and see how things go.