I'm in QST!

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Well, the back of me is in QST anyway. If you flip to page 82 of the latest (August 2013) issue of QST magazine, the bottom half of the page talks about the upcoming August Rookie Roundup (RTTY) contest.

Last year I got to participate in it with a few other people from the club. The accompanying photo, taken by Tom (AJ4UQ), is of me and fellow rookie Warren (KK4EVI) trying to make sense of what the software was telling us.

The only problem with the photo is the caption is incorrect, and gives the wrong call sign (and therefore name) for me and Tom. Here's what the image caption should read

August 2012 Rookie Roundup (RTTY)

Warren Richey, KK4EVI, and Eugene Mah, KK4JRP, used the Rookie Roundup as an opportunity to learn RTTY operation by activating the Charleston (SC) ARC station in the club's EmComm trailer. [Tom Glaab, AJ4UQ, photo]

The red bandage around my arm is from donating platelets earlier that day.

It was fun participating in the roundup last year, and I got a good introduction to the digital modes, including packet radio and even sending email using the radio. I hope we'll be able to do it again for this year's Rookie Roundup (August 18, 2013).